Another country in the UK is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Although Scotland is bound to England, London is not their capital, as England is not their country. The pride and pride of these Scottish people clearly marked their unique history and personality throughout their capital, Edinburgh, not found anywhere else in the world.

On the border of Prince Street, the left side of the picture is the old town, and the right side is the new city. Photo: Sung Yeong-ho reporter

In the 18th century, the city of Edinburgh had planned a new city with a rapidly expanding population of old towns.
Though only a tenth of England’s population, Scottish insistence on establishing their own traditions as unique identities, such as the aid of golf and scotch whiskey, bagpipes of folk instruments, and traditional costume kilt made of unusual tartan, .

Royal Mile of the Scottish Royal

Edinburgh is a landmark for the City of Edinburgh. The road to Edinburgh Castle, built on rocky mountains, is full of medieval city atmosphere. Because the original purpose was the military fortress, the fortress and the castle are stronger than the palace brilliance. The castle has a display of The Stone of Destiny, which was used during the coronation of the Scottish king in the past. The symbol of the Scottish royal family, ‘The Stone of Destiny’, was taken over by Edward I, the king of neighboring England, 700 years ago, and was returned in 1996, after Scotland was separated from England.

Edinburgh Castle, built as a military fortress, has a solid feeling of brilliance. Photo: Sung Yeong-ho reporter

The heart of Edinburgh’s journey is the Royal Mile, about a mile from Edinburgh Castle, which connects Holyroodhouse Palace and Edinburgh Castle about a mile east of Edinburgh Castle. The Royal Mile, where only nobles could have passed, is now crowded with tourists on both sides of the road, including St. Giles Cathedral, the City Museum, the Astronomical Observatory, and the Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center, a collection of whiskeys.

Edinburgh cityscape, prideful country Britain. The same is true of Scottish people in another country.
The streets go up to Edinburgh Castle and there are many old buildings.
The old town of Edinburgh and the old town of Edinburgh were built around Edinburgh Castle. The magnificent view of the castle built on rocky mountains overwhelms the city.

A city full of diverse cultural festivals

If you meet the Edinburgh International Festival in mid-August, you will have more eye candy. It is a spectacular event due to the numerous performances at Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, as well as the spectacles of visitors from all over the world. In fact, the Edinburgh International Festival has made the biggest contribution to bringing Edinburgh to the world. Since its beginning with the aim of healing the wounds of war on Europeans after World War II, it has become one of the world’s largest cultural and arts festivals.

Unknown performers who have not received official invitations from the organizers will perform free performances for citizens near the Royal Mile. It is growing every year based on the advantage that anyone can participate freely without appealing or pre-screening and appeal to audiences.

The Edinburgh Festival is a Military Tattoo. In this spectacular performance in front of the Edinburgh castle, there is a musical parade of military musicians from all over the world, with the Scottish traditional instrument bagpipes and the band playing around the drums. During the festival, there are people who visit Edinburgh every year to see this performance every night except Sunday.

A new city that can feel the flow of time

In the mid 18th century, the Edinburgh expansion plan was set up to overcome the overcrowding of the old town of Edinburgh. Built in the north of Edinburgh, on Princes Street north of the Royal Mile, the new Edinburgh city is home to the old capital of Scotland, Perth, and the best preserved architecture of the British Georgian era. For this reason, the name of the new city area seems somewhat unnatural when you walk through the new city. You have to feel the flow of time in the old city of other countries’ cities.

Monument to Sir Walter Scott of the Great Gate of Scotland. It is a sculpture that emits a unique atmosphere that seems to be a staggering atmosphere when it comes down to obesity.

The destination that leads the greatest number of travelers in the new city is the monument to Sir Walter Scott of the Scottish headquarters, which can be found anywhere in the city. Sir Walter Scott’s monument builds up a gothic tower with a black asteroid to make it look like an old tower, reminding him of the bizarre structure he saw in movies. It is a sculpture of Scottish pride that there is Huynhadam who raises 5m higher than Nelson Tower of Trafalgar Square in Britain with the rivalry against eternal rival England.

Military band performance is white rice of Edinburgh festival. In the background of the castle of Edinburgh, the army bands of various countries gather together and become a minister.

To climb the 61-meter-high monument, you need to climb 278 steps. It is not easy for an adult man, but when you reach the top, such rewards await. For every step, 64 sculptures from Scott’s novels comfort the senseless leg muscles, and at the top you can look down on the cityscape of Edinburgh in a cool breeze.

문화가 세계를 지배한다

중세와 근대를 넘나드는 전통적 건축물로 가득 찬 에든버러 거리의 모습은 다양한 문화유산을 원형 그대로 간직하고 있어 ‘북쪽의 아테네’ 혹은 ‘근대의 아테네’로 불리기도 한다. 이러한 찬사는 거대 제국 로마에 대한 완강한 저항과 숙명의 이웃 잉글랜드와의 길고도 길었던 투쟁에도 문화의 가치를 깨닫고 지켜낸 스코틀랜드 국민들에게 내려져야 할 것이다.

자신들의 전통을 고수하면서도 다른 국가의 여행자가 예술적 감성을 뽐내면 그들에게 박수를 보내며 호응하는 에든버러 시민들의 모습은 각기 다른 문화들이 어떻게 앙상블을 이뤄내는지를 잘 보여준다. 아시아에 한국 문화의 힘을 각인시킨 우리가 눈여겨볼 대목이다.

가는 길
아직 에든버러 직항편은 없다. 대신 대한항공이 매일 1회, 아시아나항공이 주 5회 인천~런던 구간 직항편을 운항하고 있다(비행 시간은 약 12시간 소요). 런던 킹스크로스 역에서 에든버러 역까지는 특급기차를 이용하거나 저가항공편을 이용해 에든버러로 갈 수 있다.런던 킹스크로스 역에서 에든버러 역까지는 특급기차로 약 4시간 40분이걸린다.

홀리루드하우스 궁전,에든버러 성과는 다르게 왕족의 거처로 사용되는 홀리루드하우스 궁전.엘리자베스 2세 영국여왕은 에든버러를 방문할 때면 홀리루드하우스 궁에 머문다.
에든버러 성과 홀리루드하우스 궁을 잇는 로열 마일, 과거에는 왕과 귀족만이 다닐 수 있었던 거리였지만 이제는 전 세계의 아티스트들이 모이는 거리가 됐다.
로열 마일의 상점가, 스코틀랜드의 상징 위스키 상점 앞으로 전통의상 킬트를 입은 에든버러 시민이 지나고 있다.
Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Festival, which starts every year in mid-August, artists around the world gather at Royal Mile to show off their skills and tourists cheer for them.
Performances by the festival, a Japanese group that participated in the Edinburgh Festival. Westerners are attracted by their unique costumes.
Street performances during the festival, a colorful fire show that looks dreadful. During the festival, various performances are held and tourists are not bored.
St. Giles Cathedral, another highlight of the Royal Mile St. Giles Cathedral. It was the center of religious reform in the 16th century.
Though Carlton Hill and Scott Memorial Tower are known as Edinburgh’s prospect points, Carlton Hill is also tough. Especially, it is a point to see Princess Street which separates old city and new city.

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