Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will host the Disney Halloween Town 2018 from September 13, 2018 to October 31, 2018. “Halloween Town”, which appeared in “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Halloween Town by Jack Skellington and his naughty friends, Journey to Halloween Town “will be rebuilt as a place to experience.

Numerous Disney friends and villains are preparing to meet visitors at Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party and Halloween Time Festival Gardens. Duffy’s new friend, Cookie, will show off her first Halloween costume at the party. In the evening Disney villain is the night of the villain! It will be featured in Chapter 3 (Villains Night Out! Chapter 3) and will make the Disneyland Park of Hong Kong clutter up and give unforgettable fun.

Korean visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland can experience spooky Halloween decorations, fun recreational activities at three themed hotels, and a variety of themed items and food and beverage. Visitors will be able to enjoy a true Disney-style “play, shopping, dining and lodging” at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort this fall.

Let’s experience the movie “Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare” again in “Travel to Halloween Town”!
At the main gate of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Jack Skelrington and Uggi Boogie, who appeared in “Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare,” famous for its stop motion movie, will show off the premiere of Disney Halloween Time 2018.

Walk along the Halloween-themed ornaments to a new immersive tour “The Trip to Halloween Town in Tim Burton” located at The Pavilion. It is a place decorated with symbolic music and scenes of “Nightmare of Christmas”, which is expected to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

While on tour, Jack Skelington’s friend Sally can venture out of the traps trapped by Dr Frankenstein’s lab wiggly boogie, which needs the help of visitors. Brave audiences will have the opportunity to see if they have the qualities to survive the Halloween town that freezes blood. Do not miss Jack Skellington and your friends’ Halloween Time Character Greeting (Jack Skellington and Friends Halloween Time Character Greeting).

All-day Disney friends Halloween spirit
audience will experience another bright side of Disney Halloween time at Mickey’s Halloween Time Street party. Every afternoon, Mickey and Minnie and Goofy will meet other Disney friends, along with the parade performers, on three giant pumpkins to greet visitors.

It is recommended to put the animated images of the Disney characters lasting day and night into the camera. Other Disney families, including Mickey and Minnie, are going to take a commemorative photo with the audience with Halloween costumes. Duffy’s new friend, Cookie, will wear his first Halloween costume for the first Halloween time with Duffy, Sherry Mee, Zelaya Tony and Stella Lu.

In the Halloween Time Festival Garden, Winnie the Poo and other Disney friends will be wearing Halloween costumes all day long. Children will learn how to make a paper mask with the Jack Skelrington theme, and they will do trick-or-treat. At night, Disney’s ghastly villains will occupy the gardens in order to give the visitor an enjoyable and spooky time.

With the disney villains and the spectacular show that add a night of thrill, the
park turns into a dreary atmosphere and the horrible villains are out of the way! Chapter 3 appears. This year Malpacent will march through Ursula, Evil Queen and Jaffa and march on USA Main Street with Jack Skelington, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts and Crueladville. The finale, which ends with the intense treble of Malepisent, is a must-see attraction.

If you want a festive atmosphere, enjoy the spectacular “I Love You Mickey!” Projection show every night on USA Main Street. The show celebrates Mickey’s main milestones, featuring Mickey’s classic works to its prime and contemporary style.

are over 100 Halloween themed items ranging from various Halloween items and food and beverages to accessories, toys and home decor. Especially, the limited-edition pins are worth celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare. The Duffy and Friends collection, dressed in the latest Halloween costumes, is available only in Hong Kong Disneyland. Tsum Tsum plush dolls can be used on both sides to turn Disney Friends into a Halloween atmosphere in an instant. The Boo Collection, available only in Hong Kong Disneyland, invites you to a fun picaboo game to discover Disney characters. You can also dress up like a family by choosing clothes from the Mickey and Friends collection.

Park and hotel restaurants sell more than 20 Halloween themed snacks and drinks. Sesame Egg Puff and Jack Marshmallow Vanilla Cookie sold in Halloween Mickey Ring and outdoor stalls at the Main Street Bakery offer a charming halloween atmosphere with Purple Mist Purple Myst and Green Devil Special Drink are expected to add to the excitement. The Crystal Lotus at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has a Jack’s Party dim sum set consisting of Jack’s Shrimp Dumpling, Crispy Pumpkin Scallop Puff and Mummy Vegetable Bun. sum set. If you want to take a short break, enjoy the character-themed Halloween set menu at Coca-Cola’s Main Street Corner Cafe, or at Family Mookey’s Family Buffet at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Participate in activities and relax.

Perfect Halloween Resorts
A variety of Halloween activities available for holiday guests can also enjoy Halloween time at resort hotels. Children can learn to create creativity through craft activities such as the Jack Door Tag, or learn how to make towel saris and candy bags. As a result, children will also be able to challenge a variety of challenges with themed games offered at Disneyland Hotel and Disney Explorer Lodge in Hong Kong.
The hotel is decorated in a pleasant and charming atmosphere. Starting on September 13, Halloween Wicked Room overlay is available at 889HKD. Room decoration packages include amenity boxes, slippers, room door stickers, pumpkin baskets with candy, hats, cookies, “adventure to the Halloween Town” first admission ticket and plush dolls, and Halloween Playtime for hotel guests only. Consists of a complete Halloween resort planned to provide holiday.

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