Exploring Efficient Operation Strategies for Convention Centers: Daegu EXCO and Singapore EXPO Collaborate

Lee Sang-gil, CEO of Daegu EXCO (EXCO), visited 'SINGEX' in Singapore on the 22nd of May to discuss efficient utilization strategies for exhibition halls. Provided by EXCO.

Daegu EXCO, a prominent convention and exhibition center in Daegu, South Korea, visited the renowned Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 22nd of May. The purpose of this visit was to engage in meaningful discussions and deliberations on how to optimize the operation and management of convention centers.

During the visit, CEO Lee Sang-gil of Daegu EXCO had the opportunity to meet with key figures from Constellar, the organization responsible for overseeing operations at Singapore EXPO. Joined by Chee Chiang Ang, the Chief Operating Officer, and Christina Chan, the Head of the Sales Department, the discussions revolved around seeking innovative and efficient ways to operate exhibition halls.

A notable highlight of the meeting was the exchange of valuable experiences and successful practices. Daegu EXCO shared its pioneering approach of repurposing exhibition halls as testing sites during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Singapore EXPO presented their inspiring case of transforming exhibition halls into field hospitals, effectively combating the crisis. These insights served as a solid foundation for exploring novel avenues to optimize the utilization of exhibition spaces.

Furthermore, the delegates from Daegu EXCO had the privilege of touring the exceptional facilities at Singapore EXPO. Their exploration encompassed a close examination of the venue’s impressive infrastructure, including 10 well-appointed exhibition halls, 32 state-of-the-art conference rooms, and an expansive food court. This comprehensive tour aimed to identify potential areas where Daegu EXCO could adapt and leverage these facilities to enhance their own operations.

Impressed by the seamless integration of architecture and nature at Singapore EXPO, CEO Lee Sang-gil expressed his vision of transforming Daegu EXCO into a space that seamlessly harmonizes with its natural surroundings. By aligning with nature, Daegu EXCO aspires to create a vibrant and inviting gathering place that attracts and delights visitors.

The meeting between Daegu EXCO and Singapore EXPO on the 22nd of May marked a significant milestone in fostering collaboration and sharing expertise within the convention center industry. The discussions held and the insights gained are expected to pave the way for the development of efficient and effective operational strategies for convention centers worldwide. By embracing innovation and learning from successful practices, both Daegu EXCO and Singapore EXPO are poised to elevate the standards of convention center management and contribute to the advancement of the industry as a whole.

By Jungchan LEe/Korea Travel News