Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization Foster Global Partnerships for Enhanced Tourism

Kim Hyun-joo, Head of Tourism Industry Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government, actively engaging in discussions with the advisory committee during the consultative meeting held by Seoul Tourism Organization.

Seoul City and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) are taking proactive measures to strengthen their position as a premier global travel destination. Under the initiative known as the “Establishment of Cooperation Systems with Overseas Key Travel Agencies” project, they recently hosted a consultative meeting to gather expert opinions and enhance their network both domestically and internationally.

As part of the project, Seoul City and STO have established partnerships with 44 major travel agencies from 22 countries, including notable names such as China’s, Japan’s HIS, and Hong Kong’s EGL Tours. The collaboration aims to develop and operate Seoul’s tourism products actively, promoting inbound tourism and fostering a robust network.

During the consultative meeting held on June 9th, industry experts were invited to provide insights into the current state and future prospects of inbound tourism. The meeting witnessed active participation from a distinguished panel of seven esteemed advisory board members.

Advisory Committee Members Continuing Discussions at the Consultative Meeting Held by Seoul Tourism Organization

The discussions revolved around key topics such as global tourism market trends post-pandemic and strategies to strengthen the network between Seoul and overseas key travel agencies. Participants suggested that the growing interest in Hallyu (Korean Wave) is translating into increased preference for Seoul as a travel destination, citing new and refreshing attractions that make the city stand out. For instance, Park Jae-hee, Chief Director of Hana Tour ITC, highlighted the shift in tourists’ preferences, emphasizing that visitors now prioritize unique experiences and discovering Seoul’s distinct charm rather than mere shopping.

Regarding the “Establishment of Cooperation Systems with Overseas Key Travel Agencies,” participants stressed the importance of sharing information with outbound travel agencies and the need for the discovery of compelling tourism resources in Seoul. Kim Ji-woong, Director of Korea, emphasized the significance of advance planning for seasonal products and festivals, along with the necessity for innovative promotional marketing through global online travel agencies (OTA).

Building on this momentum, starting from June 19th, Seoul City and STO will conduct fam tours that align with the Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM) under the theme of “Seoul Local Lifestyle.” The initiative will invite representatives from 15 key overseas travel agencies, including those from China, Taiwan, and Japan, to explore Seoul’s major tourist attractions firsthand.

Ms. Hwang Mi-jeong, Team Leader of the Global 2 Team at the Seoul Tourism Organization, stated, “With the steady rise in the number of incoming tourists, it is crucial to keep track of the tourism market trends and visitor patterns of major countries. Through consistent and robust networking with our partners, including key overseas travel agencies, we will strive to implement strategic targeted marketing efforts and maximize the activation of inbound tourism in Seoul.”

Seoul City and the Seoul Tourism Organization’s proactive approach in establishing partnerships and seeking expert advice underscores their commitment to position Seoul as a globally renowned travel destination. By fostering collaborations with key international travel agencies and showcasing the city’s unique attractions, Seoul City aims to attract a diverse range of visitors, offering them an unforgettable experience in the heart of South Korea’s vibrant capital.


By Intae Jung/Korea Travel News