Saipan Emerges as the Preferred Destination for Korean Family Travelers in July, Chosen by ModeTour

ModeTour's Monthly Pick Reflects the Collective Preference of BP Branches Nationwide... Saipan Takes the Spotlight for July

Saipan World Resort

In a significant announcement, ModeTour has revealed Saipan as its coveted destination for the highly anticipated “Monthly Pick” in July, perfectly timed to coincide with the commencement of the summer peak season for Korean travelers.

The “Monthly Pick” is a meticulous selection process that incorporates insights from Best Partner (BP) branches across the country, strategically identifying the region that garners the highest volume of customer inquiries each month. By actively promoting sales at BP branches, ModeTour crafts concentrated marketing campaigns, featuring an array of unique benefits and tailor-made travel packages.

Saipan, renowned for its perennially pleasant weather, entices tourists throughout the year, irrespective of the season. However, it undeniably captures the hearts of Korean families seeking an ideal summer getaway.

ModeTour’s decision to anoint Saipan as the July Monthly Pick comes amidst recent news of an additional 10,000 flight seats being made available for Saipan during the bustling summer peak season. This verdict also takes into account the results of a June survey conducted by the Marianas Visitors Authority, affirming Saipan’s stature as the preferred destination among BP branches.

The exclusive travel package for the Monthly Pick, “ModePick Saipan World Resort Superior Room 5 Days,” has been exclusively curated to cater to Korean families’ preferences. This enticing package includes a delightful stay at Saipan’s premier water park, the World Resort, alongside an assortment of remarkable perks, such as a 100,000 KRW discount for reservations comprising two adults and two children, a complimentary deluxe room upgrade, and exclusive access to the ModeTour Starlight Cruise.

The ModePick Saipan promotion will be available for a limited period of three weeks, commencing on July 6th and concluding on July 28th.

Sharing his thoughts, Cho Jae-gwang, Head of ModeTour’s Product Division, expressed, “Saipan is an idyllic choice for Korean families seeking an unforgettable vacation, particularly during the summer season. By designating Saipan as our Monthly Pick, we aim to provide families with a comprehensive resort experience, complemented by an assortment of exclusive benefits. We sincerely hope that Korean travelers can revel in a rejuvenating and blissful summer escapade.”

By Intae Jung/Korea Travel News

[Source: ModeTour]