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Slender Man 2018

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In a village in Massachusetts, a group of friends, enchanted with cruel men on the Internet, proved that this was not true – one of them disappeared mysteriously.


SilvainVhite Characters:

David Birke, Victor Surge (by character) Star:

Joei King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinkler Whentheir friends disappear, young girls are studying how to make a famous personality of the famous city. Liza requested action. They believed in their truth and Slenderman, they were talking about the natural phenomena that they believed lived. Directed by: SilvainVhite. Based on the character thatwas created by Eric “Victor Surge” Knudsen.

In the village of Massachusetts, four high school girls took a special action through SLENDER MAN. When the girl disappears Mysteriously, she doubts she is the last victim.