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IPad is a smart tool that simulates the iPad interface in Windows, you are a serious iPad fan, this is your chance for your Windows PC to give you a graphically impressive iPad (function {) ‘(overview of applications -page desktop’ );}); The iPad consists of a control panel with various functions:two Facebook add-ons, a search bar, a regular application module, and a set of icons for other applications. Also included are popular applications such as IouTubeen Instagramigre such as Angri time, open the program on the iPad, a browser window opens to display them. On the rightYou will find a page on a different list of applications to which you can click on shortcuts. For example, while browsing, you can see your face on Facebook or Wikipedia. This means that the apps are not genuine on your computer, because they are all open to websites after they clicked. For someUsers can reduce the quality of the iPad. For others, the iPadian may be considered a unique way of visiting some of the websites. Applicants who want to sign up now can change their Windows interface to something more than an iPad based OS Ks.