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Google Earth 3D is a computer application that allows users to view satellite imagery by Earth View. Users can see the cities and cities of their computers and never live like the world. From a global viewpoint around the world, you can find anywhere in the world with Google Earth. On your mobile or computer, with Google Earth, you can see the world with a few worlds. They use ash as they use in modern land, such as their property, intelligence,It can be in areas such as defense and urbanization, but it is rapidly getting much better. Nowadays, anyone who can access your computer or mobile phone has the ability to access the world without a card. Google Earth uses satellite imagery covered in a digital world. This means that users can explore the world with Google (feature () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); realistic look Unlike typical GPS navigation apps created by the computer.In search of the city streets, Google Earth creates the appearance of applications in real time using photos. Satellite images From a summary of Street Viewing from Google Vehicle Vehicle, each space is created to create a Virtual Earth Earth.

Google Earth is a geography and educational tool. This allows you to see all of the Earth free of charge, a combination of photos, pictures of aerial photography, aerial photography and street view. It has a powerful search, lots of information and imagesThey are available, and their intuitive use is our best way to survive our planet, but also the sky, moon and even Mars. Google Earth is also available for Android, Mac and iOS applications.

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Explore the world with Google Earth

Google Earth 3D is an interactive atlas 3D. You can see everywhere in the world (almost). To the national parks of the largest cities, and even to underwater, all the wonders of the world have disappearedhave been made.

If you do not have enough land, you can enjoy the images of the moon and the sea and navigate the stars. The Google Earth Search Engine will find the location you want to search, anything from that address to the GPS coordinates.

Google Earth offers information about places, such as boundaries, roads, 3D buildings, trees, and photos; You can also add content to Google Earth, such as the photos of the places you visited. Google Earth Integrate the Street View feature, Google MapsAvailable in the service to make it easy for you to move around in different cities.

In addition to these features, Google Earth also offers you the opportunity to measure distance, distance, use bookmarks, save images and flight simulators.

Travel with your mouse

Navigate Google Earth very intuitively, and everything you need is a mouse or a button on the screen. You can zoom in, view the view and easily travel around the Earth. A virtual path to Street View, small people in the streetYou can drag (it appears in blue). Navigation is also wonderful; The mouse is easy to crawl. The search engine and all other options are on the left menu to make it easier to enjoy.

Important program

Google Earth Earth is a great tool to respect our environment. A short graphic is spectacular, as in many places you can visit. The content presented in several layers of texture is updated regularly. Google Earth is an important program that takes you all over the world;Although this program is quite safe, NASA World Wind can be the best best if you’re looking for alternative search;