(Traveling Leisure Newspaper = Lee Min-shik artist) Looking back at Jiuzhaigou and Blue Dragon in China and Politvice in Croatia, if there is a foliage of Sorak and the gypsum here, people would not be able to meet each other. I have. Because the gods were the first to sneak around. The season where such autumn leaves are coming is here.

Mt. Seorak

When the maple leaves, Sorak and Mt. That’s a preference. There are lots of famous mountains and many valleys in Korea.
The mountains of Mt. Bukhansan, Mt. Mureung rocks of Dutan Mountain and Mt. Hwanggyeong, Chogyeong-dong of Mt. One of the most remarkable of the two is the view of the autumnal scenery, but one is because it gives the first news and one tells the peak season.

Sorak mountain small house 11. 10
Master’s Prose Early November

If you enjoy the glamorous nature of the leaves of the mountain, which leaves from the entrance roads or from the forests to the ridges, the leaves of Mt. Soraks show the brilliance of the combination of the rhyolitic rocks and the indigo color.

Mt. Seolak in mid-October
Hwaseongsan early November

If Mt. Yusan is mainly enjoyed in both directions, it is more diverse such as Mt. Seorak, Mt. Both mountains are not climbing, but they are usually four hours long, but in peak season, they are tougher than Mt.

Hwasungsan Mountain. Nov 8, 2017
Marsupial rhyolite
Mt. Seolark

How do you say that the first autumn foliage heard how much autumn leaves were picked? It says that the first autumn foliage was heard when about 20% of all the mountains were colored with foliage. In general, it is only for the climbing highlands. The peak of autumn leaves means when 80% of the mountain is covered with colored leaves.

Baekam Mountain Baekyangsa Temple
During Baekyangyang

By the way, the news of the autumn leaves has always been true. I ride a helicopter (provided by the related organization every year) and draw pictures about 1,500 meters or more high.
“I have a maple on Mt. Seorak.”
Tourists who came to listen to the broadcast are disappointed by the foliage even when it is armed and climbing any K2 rope.

Mt. Sorak
Mt. Seorak Twelve Seon-tang Late October
Mt. Seorak Limit in late October
In the middle of October,
Mt. Seolak at the first snow in mid November

In early October, Seorak coexists with early autumn and fallen autumn. At least my experience is that within 3 hours the hike is about 20 days a month. So, the leaves of Mt. Mt. Seorak start from Daechung – bong, the first day of the month.

Inje Filet
Inside of Hongcheon

이로 시작하여 땅끝 해남 두륜산의 단풍 시기는 약 한달 뒤입니다. 단풍은 지역마다 고봉에서의 첫 단풍 이후 2주 정도 뒤에 아랫녁 절정을 보이는데 일기에 따라 일주일 내의 차이를 보이기도 합니다.

정읍 내장지
창경궁 춘당지 Changgyeonggung Chundangji Pond, 昌慶宮 春塘池

단풍 고운 해는 조건이 따로 있습니다. 늘 단풍을 꽃처럼 여기며 가까이 하고 사는 필자 경험으로는 늦여름과 초가을 일정한 강우량이 있은 후 일교차가 크고 일조량이 많으면 단풍 색깔이 더 선명해지고 곱습니다. 강풍이 잦으면 잎이 훼손되어 조락하거나 마른 단풍이 많습니다. 중턱 이하에서는 특히 그러야 합니다.

제천 배론 성지
울산바위와 노학동 벚단풍

2018년 올해 단풍은 작년보다 늦어진다 전문기관이 이미 내다봤습니다. 이유는 올해 여름이 유독 더웠던 만큼 9월까지 이어지는 더위로 작년보다 9월과 10월의 기온이 평소보다 높아질 것으로 보아 단풍 시기도 늦춰진다는 것입니다. 그러나 저의 현지 감각은 비슷하거나 오히려 빠를 수 있다 봅니다. 일교차가 만만치 않아서 입니다.


자ㅡ ,10월과 11의 주말은 단풍 탐승으로 미음완보하는 날들이니 벨을 울리지 말고 메아리로 저를 찾으소서. 서설 뒤 본말은 벅차면 글이 나오지 않으니 그저 그림으로 남기리다.

은행과 단풍

탈색도 착색보다
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물든다 하지!
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