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Bad Times At The El Royale

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Seven foreigners, each with a funeral secret, meet at Lake Tahoe El Roiale to build a hotel with a dark past. Pregnant during the night everyone gets a last shot before we all go to hell.

El Roiale is a hotel on the border of California, Nevada. Soon great battles take place when seven strangers – a priest, spiritual singer, travel salesman, two nurses, managers and the mysterious Billy Li – on the dull evening of thelast time before everything went wrong.

By 1968, some foreigners, most likely with a funeral mystery, happened to meet El Roiale Lake Tahoe, a hotel with a beautiful dark past. One night everyone will show their true face – before everyone goes to hell.


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JeffBridges, Cinthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson In the late sixties an old priest who died of early martial dementiaAfrican American suffers singer, conversational salesman on vacation and hostile young woman, who may not be hippies, came the same day przypadkowodo Lake Tahoe “El Roiale”, once reached, but now motel on the way to the border of California travel and Nevada, through the Restless staff performed, that has many dark secrets. Every day it becomes more and more clear that there is almost no one exactly who to see, but rzeczyNaprawdę goes bad in the evening when it rains and someone on theBerg comes to find a “friend” and brings hell to all those who are not happy enough to be there.