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Xara Designer Pro X 16

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Xara Designer Pro X

Graphic design, web design, image editing, illustration and DTP. Xara Designer Pro X Your latest design package. Xara Designer Pro X combines graphic and web design, photo, photo editing and desktop publishing in one field of work.

Graphic design and illustration

Make graphicsand illustrations just as you like and use different tools, an expert, to give a personalized touch.

Vector graphics

Strong drawing tools, lines and shapes that use vectors and loss of quality adjustments to the scale. Your images are sharp to the full detail.This is a great idea to use different dimensional graphics for use!

Key effects

Intuitive creates exciting effects, edifices, sketches and inclinations to give your graphics and illustrations a special touch.

Get art with brushes

Get an artistic brush. Review itBrush your art brush with a great choice, then prepare the lines for creating and rotating each of your paintings in a work art