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And that’s true, due to the protests made by Resident Evil 5 and 6. They worked hard to get rid of the magic Wicked woman, but all they did was nuts instead of steak. Evil Evil 7 is not a third player, who will expect many fans, but at least something new in the franchise.

It is really the ninth and seventh wars on the current story of biological weapons.

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Togetherwith a short transition from the franchise to the other, Mr Evil 7 returns the location of the basic idea in the first game, which is a detestable thing in life. In some respects, the game restrains its roots by reducing the stages, raising the uncertainty, making the enemy more vulnerable and giving smaller shares. You are the most dangerous in this game.

You are not part of the army or any kind of non-police, and you do not have any training. No one else tries to live. Capcom has a high level of adult healthin the game, though he promised it would be, but it has a very interesting style of style (and scared) Silent Hill 2 but it is a step in the right direction. spelis moves away from what most fans of the Fate expect, which means low content B, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are good settings, which are good, but also a bit more false / real jump, what is not good.

Sky, dark and pretty scary

The toneelDie study was amazing. Not because the stage is packed or exciting,but for being awesome and awesome. It also plays a role in secrets and doubts, which is something that Evil’s wife has no two successors. Soundtrack, all sound effects and music are dark, thanks, their right versatility.

The game does not like this mood and full of characters from Resident Evil 4, and reminds me first of the Evil Game game. The game in the game is not as relaxed as many fans hope. Not to switch the game; It’s a little sad thing.

But, as it has been identified as the Bad Owner 1, Mrs. Evil 7can be written again for something better. This game is very good, this is something that the Badge game has missed for some time. You can combine some environment in a series that makes the game even more interesting.

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Come, have a chance, especially you have Wife 5 and 6 hate you. This section has a feeling like the first, and it can help you fall in love with the franchise again. Perhaps the franchise has not yet died.

As any franchisees know about the return of the dead, it’s a ResidentEvil. Unless you have seen the game and liked it, you would like to wait until you are sold to give it. The game has a lot of repeat, but like many games A bad woman, you lose your fear is how much time it’s.