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Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is a browser from Google. Thus, you can open a Web-based applications and games without any problems and, above all, fast. This is a great alternative to Firefox and more work (function () {( “Review of the application pages desktop”);});

Browser teenager, quickly adapt to view any web page.YeyeInasaidia all the basic technologies and standards, such as HTML5 and Flash.

As of Google Chrome, as loading web pages, you can run Web applications, such as Angry Birds and the Chrome Remote tamuNastolny, completely free of charge.

In short, Chrome is designed specifically for the operating system uendeshajimfumoduring the reign of all your applications. In fact, this is the essence of Chrome OS.

Monitoring of privacy like this

When you connect to your account, Google Chrome can sync data and tabs across multiple computers and devices. It sanachaguo easy if youuse Chrome for Android or IOS.

accession states, the understanding that the state does not save the file on your hard drive, it is best to ensure the confidentiality of: any cookie stored image, leaving a trail.

Personalized for kibinafsiuzoefu

A unique feature of Chrome is thesupport for multiple users, which allows sharing Chrome on the same computer – it’s important, if you have guests who want to go on the internet or you only have one computer.

Finally, Google Chrome can be boreshwana updates and extensions and themes. There are thousands of fragrances,to meet all needs. You can even create your own.

ease of rotation

GoogleChrome is a program very easy to use. Its the only bar Omnibox lets you kuingiaanwani Internet and Google search. After what has been written, Google Chrome provides the results of the browsing historysite selected or the program has been adjusted.

Another important thing that emphasizes ease of Chrome launches raka.ambapo you can reach the most visited sites, offered a web-based application or have recently closed a button (on other devices PKabo you agreed).

Finally, the panel versionGoogle Chrome is a separate page where you can get instant pomipangilio you need to change. This is much better than conventional window with tabs you see in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Delete browsing data easily. Go to the Tools menu and Google Chrome Optionsopen top menu. Then click statistics tableand Identify and select the type of data that you want to delete.

When it comes to the state of incognito, activated from the menu, press, or press Control + Shift + N. You will see a window changed his appearance to show what you are looking for is currently without storing data on your computer.

productivityCompatibility kipekeena

From a system perspective, and its V8 engine, Google Chrome up to speed when it comes to competitive comparison. This functionality is improved with each version.

Compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and the Flash-browser, downloaded and PDFnaVash own audience.You do not need to worry about installing software or changing any settings: Chrome is all.

Special attention to security issues

When viewing security is important; Tips viruses that use Google Chrome, so you inherit and access, as well asbear all another tab, so if you have a secure page, the browser life.

Today, it is the best on the market.

More and more people are using Google Chrome as the primary browser. Its impressive structure, mkubwaChaguzi ifaktychna speed makes it a strong candidate to leadthe browser market.

The most effective way? Opera and Firefox can only focus on competition.