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BS Player PRO

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Since then, appearing on the Internet in 2000, BSPlayer has been downloaded over 60 million times, according to the creators. The goal of the player is “to allow the user to focus on watching movies rather than dealing with poor computer functions or requiring the codecs.” For those with problems with popular media players on the proposal, BSPlayer can be useful for the treatment of all types of media including AVI, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MP3, etc., Alespetsyyalizuetstsaalso users playing DivX report.Wielu that DivX files do not work on other players, work on BS Player. One of the main drawbacks of many media player load resources, but BSPlayer uses no more than a lot of audio players and starts to be happy. Because it does not use a lot of computing power, it is better suited for slower users who are not looking for too much features (function () {(‘Desktop page application previews’))); BSPlayer also comes with BSMediaLibrary,which can manage all multimediamizawartość and lets you create your own playlists. It also has a lot of skin available for downloading, much designed by another major weakness highlighted BSPlayer is a hidden menu that appears and disappears when waving the mouse over the file. It becomes more and more annoying when you hear something, using inshyyaprymyanenne. However, the load is easy, and dragging the files on the screen to openfiles that mean that you can avoid an annoying menu. You also have a małągraficzny equalizer, and can download players with other codecs, you can definitely try for those with problems with DivX or tired of major major suggestions.