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There is no doubt that Microsoft Office is a top-of-the-line product and provides excellent word processing services. The problem is that he is also a monopoly. People tend to forget that there are other possibilities. Because many companies and organizations use them with either Word, Excel or PowerPoint (to name just a few Microsoft products), you often feel compelled to follow their example and invest a lot of money in the process. However, there are other free ones as wellOptions like Free 2016 WPS Office, who can do a lot; The 2016taksama WPS Office is available for Android.

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WPS Office 2016 Free create many Microsoft Office environment, so it does not jump much to give it a try. There will be an unavoidable time of customization when trying to find their normal configuration and control, but developers do a good job of making this software intuitive for themselvesclose. A standout feature is the ability to resize and drop entire paragraphs to give you a shape and format-highly fluid mode. You can also find different types of documents, open, use the tabs in the program. This software can open .docx, but it can only save like .doc.

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2016 WPS Office No practical alternative to Microsoft Office for those on a low budget, thanks a little We havea good selection of features and consistency. This is useful as a temporary solution, but to a lesser extent as a permanent location. If you look for other free alternatives, we recommend you to offer LibreOffice and OpenOffice Apache.