India International Convention and Expo Centre: South Korea’s KINTEX to Open 5th Largest Convention Center in Asia in October

The India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC) in New Delhi is set to open on October 1st, bringing South Korea’s KINTEX into the spotlight as the center’s operator. With an exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, the IICC will become the largest exhibition hall in Southwest Asia and the 5th largest in Asia. The center, backed by the Indian government’s 4 trillion won investment, aims to attract international conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs while strengthening economic cooperation between South Korea and India.

The India International Convention and Expo Centre:
The IICC, a key project of the Indian government, will serve as a crucial hub for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry. Its vast size, approximately 6.25 times larger than COEX, positions it as a premier venue for hosting large-scale events. With its construction cost estimated at 4 trillion won, the IICC is expected to draw significant tourist footfall and contribute to the growth of the exhibition industry in India.
KINTEX’s Operational Rights:

KINTEX, an organization affiliated with Gyeonggi Province in South Korea, secured the operational rights of the IICC through a competitive bidding process in 2018. This achievement marks the first instance of a domestic public institution venturing overseas. KINTEX’s success in obtaining the rights demonstrates the recognition of South Korea’s exhibition industry expertise by a foreign government. The operational partnership between KINTEX and India presents an opportunity for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in international trade exhibitions and expand their global reach.

Strengthening Economic Cooperation:
The IICC’s opening signifies a new chapter in economic cooperation between South Korea, particularly Gyeonggi Province, and India. Governor Kim Dong-yeon of Gyeonggi Province expressed his hopes for further collaboration and synergy between KINTEX in South Korea and the IICC in India. Governor Kim highlighted India’s strategic importance as a trade partner and stressed the potential for increased exports, investments, and personnel exchanges facilitated by the exhibition industry.
Impacts and Opportunities:
The IICC’s inauguration is expected to attract global companies considering investments in India, providing a platform for domestic businesses to connect with potential investors. By hosting international conferences and trade exhibitions, the center will contribute to the growth of Indian industries, including medical, energy, batteries, bio, construction, home appliances, entertainment, and beauty. The IICC’s immense scale and strategic location in India make it a promising venue for promoting trade and fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The upcoming opening of the India International Convention and Expo Centre heralds a significant milestone for the MICE industry in Southwest Asia. South Korea’s KINTEX, as the center’s operator, brings its expertise and experience to the table, aiming to enhance economic cooperation and facilitate global engagement. With its expansive exhibition space and strategic location, the IICC is poised to attract international events, bolster trade, and foster the growth of Indian businesses. The center’s establishment serves as a testament to the deepening ties between South Korea and India while creating opportunities for collaboration and economic growth in the region.


By Jungchan Lee/Korea Travel News